Waupaca Area
Model Railroaders

Here are a few pictures of Mike and Mary Eiden's layout.

Mike Eiden 1

A MRE train passes by Dairy State Farm

Mike Eiden 2

The Milladore Rudolph and Eastern engine house and car shop near Feltz Yard in Junction City.

Mike Eiden 3

Crops planted in Dairy State Farm.

Mike Eiden 4

Fresh beef is ready to be loaded into the reefer car at Champion Packing.

Mike Eiden 5

Cars wait to be sorted in Feltz Yard in Junction City.

Mike Eiden 6

In Feltz Yard, the caboose track holds cabooses that will be needed on the next trains.

Mike Eiden 7

Cattle await their fate in the stock pens at Champion Packing.

Mike Eiden 8

Cattle are ready to be loaded into the stock cars at Dairy State Farm.

Mike Eiden 9

It's wash day at Dairy State Farm. A farmer tends to the chickens.

Mike Eiden 10

A load of cars arrive at Hughes Ford in Milladore.

Mike Eiden 11

Dairy State Cheese receives milk from Dairy State Farm to make their famous cheese.

Mike Eiden 12

Empty grain cars wait to be loaded at ADM Grain in Knowlton.

Mike Eiden 13

Cars wait to be picked up from the Evergreen Hills and Allen Creek interchange track in Mosinee.

Mike Eiden 14

Consolidated Paper's Biron Division keeps the Mosinee Biron and Eastern railroad busy.

Mike Eiden 15

The village of Biron has a few small businesses besides Consolidated Papers, including a donut shop.

Mike Eiden 16

The Mosinee Biron and Eastern engine shop keeps the engines ready to go.

Mike Eiden 17

The shortline Rocky Run serves the rock quarry here...underneath all that rock is a helix. Note: most of the rock quarry has been removed. It was in bad shape and falling apart. The helix is now permanetly open and exposed and will have the scenery finished.

Mike Eiden 18

Tank cars of gasoline are delivered to Sinclair Oil. They also receive kerosene, diesel fuel, and heating oil.

Mike Eiden 19

Several industries are in the city of Milwaukee, including Cutler-Hammer and Allen Bradley.

Mike Eiden 20

North American Ethanol is a huge facility in Hales Corners.

Mike Eiden 21

Consolidated Edison power plant receives a lot of coal to keep the generators running.

Mike Eiden 22

Capital Graphics in Oak Creek receives paper from Consolidated Papers, as well as other manufacturers.

Mike Eiden 23

A fire has broken out and the fire department is busy. People attending a wedding are watching at the church next door.

Mike Eiden 24

Scrap metal of all kinds are brought into Washington Salvage, where it is crushed and loaded into gondolas.

Mike Eiden 25

South Acadian Timber turns logs into finished lumber, some of which will go to Walton and Sons Lumber Co.

Mike Eiden 26

Logs from the forest are brought to the sawmill that will become lumber at South Acadian Lumber Co.

Mike Eiden 27

Passenger Trains run day and night, so the platforms at Grand Central Station are well lit for the passengers.

Mike Eiden 28

It's night time in Oak Creek...some businesses run 24 hours, especially Capital Graphics, Inc.

Mike Eiden 29

Allied Brick & Tile is a new industry in the Milwaukee area. Clay pellets come in via ore cars and sand comes in via covered hoppers. Bricks are shipped out in boxcars to various construction companies.

The Milladore Rudolph and Eastern Railroad

The story behind this railroad is an interesting one in that if you don’t have the space to build a decent permanent layout, you dig up your entire backyard and turn a 10 ft. by 25 ft. crawlspace into a layout room! The Milladore Rudolph and Eastern HO scale railroad is one of 4 private railroads on the layout, along with a bit of prototype (Milwaukee Road and Amtrak). The MRE railroad, “The Dairy Route”, serves a number of industries including Dairy State Farm, Wimme Cement, Mill Creek Country Club, Dairy State Cheese, Protech Plastics, Hughes Ford, and it’s major industry Champion Packing. Besides the MRE railroad, there is the Mosinee Biron and Eastern, and short lines Rocky Run, and Custer Central. The MRE interchanges with the Rocky Run and Custer Central, and will also interchange with the MBE. The MRE is on the lower level, and the MBE is on the upper level. The MBE serves Consolidated Papers, Walton and Sons Lumber, Invincible Furniture and three interchange tracks; Soo Line, GBW, and Badger Central. A three turn, 24” radius helix connects the upper and lower levels, which has been made to look to like a rock quarry. The layout extends out into the main part of the basement. By throwing a turnout inside the helix, the train will go out into the main room and go to a 2 ft. by 27 ft. extension that is Milwaukee. Actual photographs of the Milwaukee skyline were used to make the backdrop. And some of the buildings that are on the Milwaukee section are buildings that are in Milwaukee or they used to be, such as Cutler-Hammer, Rexnord, Reinke Sheet Metal, and a part of Allen Bradley, all serviced by the Milwaukee Road. Amtrak has a large station there with 4 tracks for its passenger trains, which includes the Badger State Flyer. A 4 ft. by 8 ft. area extends off of the Milwaukee section, Hales Corners, which contains North American Ethanol and a sawmill. Another extension off of that is Oak Creek and has Capital Graphics and Washington Salvage. The layout is DCC with the Digitrax System.

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