Waupaca Area
Model Railroaders

Here are a few pictures of Ed Murrow's layout.

Ed Murrow 1

Ed Murrow 2

Ed Murrow 3

Ed Murrow 4

Ed Murrow 5

Ed Murrow 6

Ed Murrow 7

Ed Murrow 8

Ed Murrow 9

Ed Murrow 10

Ed Murrow 11

Ed Murrow 12

The Silver Spike Railroad

The Silver Spike, currently under construction, is a Digitrax controlled double deck 8’ x 14’ layout. There are 350’ of track including a 120’ mainline. To reach the second level trains cross the Little Wolf River and climb Murrow Bluff. The list of industries include a paper mill, power plant, iron mine, fuel terminal, cement plant, lumber company, cannery, grain elevator, feed mill, farms, winery and a brewery. Two specially designed sections of bench work that would bridge the door that gives access to the railroad room. One section drops down and the other rises up.

Its name is derived from a railroad spike Ed used to learn how to chrome metal.

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