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The Waupaca Area Model Railroaders started in 1964 when three area railroad buffs began meeting to construct an HO scale layout. To accomodate this major undertaking one of the founding members, vacated a storage room (12' x 24') in the rear of his garage. A furnace was added to allow work on the layout to continue throughout the cold Wisconsin winters. These dedicated modelers worked three nights every week. By the mid 1970's growing pains hampered further expansion, and in 1975 a new 20' x 36' building was constructed adjacent to the garage location and the monumental task of moving was undertaken. The layout was designed as three separate railroads and remained separate for a few years. On the lower level,the Lind Center & Southern was built first and was closely followed by the Soo Line. The Kirkton, Tombstone and Walla Walla was constructed as a branch line on the upper level. At a meeting of the "Board of Directors" it was decided to merge the Soo Line and the LC&S into one major road, combinining all operations and electrical controls. With the merging of the railroads, the group also combined the two individual control panels into an elevated control tower in 1985. This was a major operating improvement. This innovation allows the dispatcher to direct up to six engineers at one time. As membership grew, so did the group's activities and achievements.

Highlight include:

Pat and Gary on the Radio discussing Arctic Run 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019, Pat Lyons and Gary Oudenhoven were on the Scott Krueger morning talk show promoting the Artic Run train show. It was broadcast on the True Oldies Channel as WPCN 92.1FM and 1010 AM out of the Muzzy radio station in north Stevens Point. They were on the radio over 15 minutes talking about our hobby.

Arctic Run 2019 Group Photo

Arctic Run 2019 Group Photo.

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